TurnaroundsHall Industrial Contracting has earned a reputation as a turnaround specialist. This is the result of completing dozens of successful turnaround projects over the years in a safe and cost-effective manner.

We know that turnarounds and critical path projects are highly demanding situations for plant owners & shutdown coordinators. We understand that your production and profitability are affected by our performance during shutdowns.

To live up to your expectations and standards, we take pride in providing a level of service that meets the challenge. Our ability to deliver shutdown performance starts well before the turnaround and doesn't end until your plant is back in production.

Our experienced and skilled supervisors and trades personnel are a key element of our turnaround successes. We supply trained and knowledgeable trades workers who are reliable and capable of completing the project safely and effectively. We also maintain a specialized fleet of mobile equipment designed for efficiency.

Mobile equipment includes:

We adhere to a rigorous internal quality control program, and we work cooperatively with both site and third-party inspectors to ensure that high quality is achieved throughout the turnaround.

Hall Industrial offers decades of experience, knowledge and technical expertise as well as expert personnel and equipment to ensure that your shutdown is well planned and well executed.

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