CoatingsDemanding industrial environments require coating systems that perform in tough service conditions. Coating systems and fiberglass linings have a proven service life of 20 years or more.

A well-engineered coating system will increase the usable life of your valuable assets and save you repair and replacement-related costs over time.

Hall Industrial is the approved applicator for the following proven and recognized industrial coating brands:

We are certified to help you choose the coating best suited to your environment. Coatings services are available for interior surfaces, exterior surfaces and industrial floors.

Floor preparation

Concrete is prepared using a dust-free process called shotblasting and dust-free diamond grinding.

Concrete restoration - spalling repair, crack repair, joint repair, epoxy injectin, and parging.

Concrete floor coating

Chemical- and abrasiion-resistant surfaces, not-slip surfaces, CFIA food-grade surfaces, and dust proofing and hardening.


Before: Concrete floor is shotblasted in preparation for epoxy floor coating system. Our shotblasting equipment is 99% dust-free and poses no risk, even in sensitve electrical system areas.


After: Concrete dusting elimated in electrical room after floor is shotblasted and coated wih epoxy coating system.

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