SafetyHall Industrial Contracting Ltd. is dedicated to safety and holds an Alberta Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR #20030520-5310). Our risk management strategies translate into safe working environments, and we use up-to-date equipment to protect employees and minimize operating risks. The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) has formally recognized our efforts. Clients have also recognized our commitment to safety, and this has led to work on some of Alberta's most safety-conscious plant sites.

Hall Industrial's trades personnel are trained to meet and exceed site safety regulations and expectations. Our personnel have also had extensive experience with working at heavily monitored facilities where safety infractions are not tolerated.

In addition to effective and current safety procedures and policies, Hall Industrial has a dedicated safety consultant who is responsible for updating the company's safety program to address changes in health and safety regulations and legislation. Our safety officer compiles corporate safety statistics, performs site and shop inspections, ensures compliance with health and safety rules, chairs general safety meetings, and completes regular internal and external safety audits. The safety officer also acts as a liaison between our company and our clients' occupational health and safety departments.

Because we pride ourselves on our commitment to workplace safety, we are Partners in Injury Reduction with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). Our safety performance rating with WCB is above the industry average.