About Us

About UsHall Industrial Contracting Ltd. offers industrial coating, painting and abrasive blasting solutions for industrial settings. We provide a full range of coating solutions for new construction, maintenance and resurfacing projects. As corrosion prevention and repair specialists, we engineer and implement solutions on most types of internal and external industrial surfaces.

Because of our experience, we understand the challenges of turnarounds. We take care to optimize shutdown work to your advantage, minimizing outage downtime while protecting your capital assets.

More than anything in this industry, people make the difference. As a service-driven company, Hall Industrial relies on highly skilled and knowledgeable journeyman applicators and qualified trades personnel to deliver safe and professional services.


We service the following industries in central Alberta:


Hall Industrial places great emphasis on working closely with clients to build strong business relationships in which open communication and honesty are highly valued. To that end, company management makes regular visits to client sites or offices before, during, and after projects, to ensure that every aspect of the project is taken care of. We take pride in working cooperatively with clients to design project specifications and schedules that will create a positive and successful outcome for all stakeholders.

Our employees share our vision of being an industry leader. Our people recognize that they work for the client and that if the client is happy, it reflects well on them as people and as trades workers. This also reflects well on our company. They know that satisfied customers are repeat customers, and repeat customers are the best form of job security.

To help our employees reach their potential, we provide them with strong leadership based on business integrity, customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and old-fashioned values of common sense and hard work. We complement that with industry training to improve their technical knowledge. We then outfit them with modern equipment. From airless paint pumps and plural-component spray equipment to high-volume air compressors and 40,000-CFM dust collectors, we maintain a fleet of equipment that complements the hard-working nature of our staff.