At Hall Industrial Contracting, the safety of our employees is our highest priority. A firm commitment to safety is a non-negotiable requirement of our team members. We equip our crew with the best training and resources possible to support a safety culture, preventative thinking, preparation for emergencies, and incident-free work.

We employ a rigorous safety training program and regularly update our equipment and gear as part of our commitment to prioritize, teach, and safety work practices. Hall’s maintains an excellent safety record and has instilled deep confidence in our clients.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is essential for successful projects. At Hall Industrial, we prioritize risk control and employ comprehensive risk management strategies. Through stringent quality control measures and adherence to industry standards, our team ensures the mitigation of potential risks. With expert knowledge in risk strategies and management, we minimize uncertainties and optimize project outcomes.


At Hall Industrial Contracting, we take safety seriously. Our company-wide goal of “Zero Lost Time Injuries” requires strict safety standards protecting our employees and work. In addition to specific safety procedures for each task we perform, we have several large-scale programs to provide training and minimize the potential for accidents.

Employee Orientation

All new hires attend an employee orientation program to introduce them to our safety practices. We train all new hires with our safety equipment, from familiar tools like hard hats and hearing protection to more specialized equipment like ground fault circuit interrupters. Employees cannot start work until they have completed their orientation.

We maintain a focus on safety, even after initial orientation. Employees who work on a particular job attend mandatory safety meetings at least once a week to discuss the project’s safety requirements.

Safety Committee

The Hall Industrial Safety Committee consists of field supervisors, shop supervisors, management, and the Safety Supervisor. The Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss potential issues and necessary action to ensure our employees’ and our work’s safety and security. Management also hosts special safety programs for employees as part of our goal of “Zero Lost Time Injuries.”

Job Safety Analysis Program

The JSA program is designed to eliminate hazards before work begins and ensure that projects are optimized for safety from start to finish. We analyze jobs step-by-step and remove potential risks before work begins when possible. We analyze each step of the job for inherent risks (like falls or lifting heavy objects) and other potential hazards caused by outside factors, like weather. Then, we assemble a set of specific instructions for each step, to ensure every part of the job is completed safely. Completed JSA analyses are compiled into a safety binder for future reference.

Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy

At Hall Industrial Contracting, we maintain a strict drug and alcohol policy that bars any form of intoxication while working.

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